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Self Publish a #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon in the next 30 Days! – 7 Simple Steps

👉 Self publishing tips from Award Winning Top 100 Business Author Gundi Gabrielle for writing and publishing your first book on Amazon and making it a #1 Bestseller in the next 30-90 Days! – Gundi has self published 12(!) #1 Bestsellers so far with over 200,000 downloads worldwide. Turning her books into a 6 Figure Passive Income machine that allows her to travel the world as a Digital Nomad – livin’ the laptop lifestyle. 🏝


Publish a #1 Bestseller in 30 days…?!! 


WOW – that’s crazy…! 😵 – is that even legit…?!

you might ask…

And the resounding answer is:


It is absolutely possible – perfectly legit – and YOU can do it, too!

Take that for starters!! 😎

Now let me show you how:


How can I say that with such certainty?

👉 Because I’ve done it 12 times. All my 12 books became not just bestsellers, but #1 Bestsellers, and I developed a system that is replicable and not dependent on luck!

👉Along the way, I outranked every famous business author in the Top 100 charts on Amazon:

👉 My very first book became a #1 Bestseller in less than 30 days and added an instant $1,000+ passive income stream – just like that!

👉 I wrote the Top Selling Publishing Guide in the Kindle store worldwide – and – the current #1 Bestseller in Authorship and Publishing :

Most importantly:

👉 Thousands of my students around the world have also published #1 Bestsellers in their very first attempt – also frequently outranking famous authors as in these 3 examples, Hal Elrod, Simon Sinek & Tim Ferriss:

Or bringing in paychecks like these:

self publishing success with SassyZenGirl

They were complete newbies with no following and no marketing experience and achieved their success ethically, by the rules, and fully compliant with Amazon’s TOS!

I’m not sharing this to brag 😎 – but to show you that I walk the talk and practice what I teach and you obviously want to know whose advice your are listening to.


Ready to hear more…?

Then let’s rock it!


First, let’s clarify a few things:

When we say “#1 Bestseller”, we are not talking about bestsellers in the entire Amazon store or even the entire Kindle store, but instead “Bestsellers” in the various categories and sub categories!


You might have heard of the New York Times Bestseller list?

And, guess what…there, too, bestsellers are listed in genres and sub-genres, just like music charts are sorted by style – Rock, Pop, Country, Classical….and further sub genres.

The difference is that there are a LOT more categories on Amazon and therefore, a lot more chances to be a bestseller in one of them.

In fact, if you follow the strategies in this guide – and that includes ALL of them, especially, the first part, topic research – it will be very hard for you not to have a bestseller!

That’s right!

Take that in for a moment…

And look at this beautiful picture…  a few pink books outranking Hal Elrod and Michael Gerber in the Business Author Charts:also 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 14.24.17
Now imagine your book there….

Good feeling?

Hold that image as you read this guide and for the next 30 days as you are writing your first bestseller.


You might say.

You probably have SO many BUTs why this can’t possibly work for you:

  • You are not a writer
  • You don’t know anything about marketing
  • You don’t have a list of ardent followers
  • You don’t know what to write about
  • You are not tech savvy
  • It just won’t work
  • You need a publisher
  • You need luck

Anything else….?


Just read on and you’ll see them all dispelled one by one!

Many first-time authors with no following and marketing experience have followed this system and succeeded – and so can you!

Are you ready?

Ready to see your book at #1, ahead of big names like “Lonely Planet” and “Eat, Pray, Love”?

Then here’s some more AWEsomeness for you… 🙂

Being able to call yourself a “Bestselling Author” comes with additional benefits that will affect your entire business and online presence:

👉 The Prestige of being a Bestselling Author (ranked higher in public opinion than a PhD according to surveys!).

👉You establish yourself as an Authority in your field.

👉It will be great (free) PR for whatever business or service you are offering.

👉Kindle Publishing is a great list builder and one of the easiest and fastest ways to build an online following for your blog, social media and/or your business.

Amazon actually pays you (in royalties) to get all those benefits while creating passive income!

In short – there is really no reason for you not to write a book and take on this new adventure!

So… if you are ready…

Lets begin!

The 30 Day Plan

The first important step with any successful strategy is mapping out:


Without a plan you don’t know where you are going – and you certainly don’t know how to get there.

The following is an overview of all the tasks you need to complete over the next 4 weeks. Adjust the time frame as needed – 60 or 90 days instead of 30 –  depending on how much time you can devote each day.

It’s better to prepare well than rushing through.

At a minimum, you should have 2-3 hours every day to make significant progress.

More is better, obviously.

Now, lets have a look:

WEEK 1 – Preparation & Research

👉 Research Profitable Book Topics

👉 Content Research for your Book

👉 Write an Outline

WEEK 2  – Write

👉 Write your Book

👉 Build a Launch Team

👉 Find an Editor (at the very least, a proofreader)

WEEK 3 – Fine Tune

👉 Craft an AWEsome Title & Subtitle

👉 Order a GREAT Cover

👉 Create an Author Website + Lead Magnet (click on the link to learn how to do it in 30 minutes) => optional

👉 Plan Launch Week Promos

WEEK 4 – Prelaunch

👉 Final Edits & Proofreading

👉 Upload your Book to Amazon

👉 Book Promos + Invite Reviews

That’s it!  


You say.

Just 1 week for writing an entire book…?!!

😵 That’s CRAZY! – I’m so busy. I will need at least several months!

Ok… lets clear something up.

When it comes to eBooks:

“Short is the new Long”

That means, readers prefer shorter books when reading online or on digital devices.

Short books do a LOT better on Kindle than full length 60-80K word books.

Fiction writers find that their short novellas are often much more popular than big long novels though there certainly is a place for those as well.

12K-24K is a good range on Kindle, especially for non fiction. More feels overwhelming to many readers, because the way we read on digital devices is different from holding a book in your hand.

It is more effective to split a complex topic – or novel – into a series of smaller books than overwhelming your readers with one, big chunk.

It’s also much smarter from a marketing perspective!

Authors who generate 5-6 figures from publishing, usually create a series of books covering different aspects of one larger topic. 

Quite often, they actually have several series in different genres (sometimes even under different pen names).

Not to get carried away, but to give you a larger perspective….

Writing 12,000 words in 1 week is not difficult – even if you are not an experienced writer. That’s about 2000 words a day – a good sized blog post.

If you want to give yourself more room for your first book, by all means, plan in two weeks or even four, but not more than one month.

It’s important to have a deadline to keep yourself focused.

There is a simple cure for procrastination. It's called a deadline. Gundi Gabrielle SassyZenGirl #ShareYourAWESOME

… I always say.

Certainly helped me finish all my books, rather than binging on Netflix… 🙂 (I’m a movie buff!)

Now, take a moment and write out your Action plan. No worries, you can always adjust along the way, but you need a clear plan and make a firm commitment before your start.

Once you are done – sign and date your Action plan and hang it on the wall above your desk.

Now, you are ready to go!


What it takes to publish a Bestseller on Amazon:

The most important part of this entire strategy is research: finding a book topic that has proven to sell well.

You need two ingredients:

👉 A large interested readership = a topic that people actually want to read about

 👉 Medium to low competition = as an example: you wouldn’t be able to compete with 10 New York Times Bestselling authors in the same category

How to research?

Let’s start with the Kindle bestseller lists and select “Kindle eBooks”. 

Next, select a genre (= category) that might interest you. If you already have an idea for a book topic, this method can help you validate or fine tune.

As a new author, you will usually not rank in the overall categories yet (Business, Health, Self-Help), but you can rank in the sub categories.

Go through a few and find out what themes are trending. Focus mostly on the top 20 books and see if certain topics show up at least 3 times.

If yes, write them down and continue. As a new author you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but rather follow trends that have already proven to work, => that are making other authors money.

Keyword Research

The other part of research involves “keyword research”.

Don’t worry…😎 – it’s fun and not difficult, but really important to understand and a crucial piece of the puzzle.

First let’s understand how Amazon’s algorithm works, meaning how Amazon “decides”, which books to show to interested readers when they enter a search phrase:

So how do you get your book to rank for relevant keywords?

By researching “lucrative” keywords, meaning keywords with a high “search volume” (= a high volume of Amazon customers enter this search phrase, aka “keyword”, into the search bar every month).

And secondly, by placing the main – and sub – keywords strategically in your main title and sub title, the description and backend keywords (the “backend” is where you upload your book on Amazon, more on that later).

Keywords are the most important factor in Amazon’s algorithm. For a more in-depth look, please check out the top selling publishing guide worldwide on Amazon (by yours truly….🤗)

FREE for you, if you use the link below:

(👇really 😎…just click on the image 👇)


For fast and easy keyword research in just a few minutes – use this awesome Ninja tool by my friend Dave “Mr. Kindlepreneur” Chesson (ZERO tech or marketing skills required!):

🚀 PUBLISHER ROCKET – You can test drive it HERE



Time to write your book – finally!

Are you excited?

If you are an experienced writer and believe you “got this” – fire away.

If you would like some pointers, here they are:

💎#1 – Have a specific reader – an avatar – in mind and write as if you were having a conversation with them.

More like blogging in other words.

It will be a much better reading experience, especially on a digital device.

See, how I’m talking to you right now as though we were sitting across from each other?

Rather than giving you a lecture on publishing?

If you enjoy this “blogging” style and find it easier to follow, then use this as an example?

It works. Certainly for how-to books.

Bloggers have mastered the art of engaging online readers. Learn from them.

In fact, one of the best training resources I’ve ever received in my entire business journey – and the reason why I so quickly became successful as an author – was this little course by 8-Figure powerhouse blogger Jon Morrow – who, in his hey-day, was among the highest paid writers in the world!

The course includes in-depth writing training as well as title and topic research. You can check it out here – it was one of the absolute decisions I ever made.

Friends of SassyZenGirl get a whopping 30% discount (+ a 30-Day money-back guarantee!)

That’s Jon in the picture and as you can see, he is paralyzed from the neck down.

Which didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most famous + successful bloggers in the world and growing an 8-figure blog – SmartBlogger.

👉 Claim your 30% Discount (Limited Time!) + check out a little video with Jon HERE.

💎#2 – In that same line, don’t use big blocks of text. Break it up into shorter paragraphs and frequent sub heads. So much more pleasant to read.

💎#3 – Do NOT write a title yet. That’s a whole science in itself and will be done in week 3 while your manuscript is with the editor.

You also want to keep an open mind as to where the book is “going”. Sometimes during the writing process, you will find a new angle or a new direction, and you don’t want to be constrained or boxed in by a finished title just yet.

💎#4 – There is no “ideal” length for eBooks, except that, in general, shorter books do better than long ones. For your first book, I would suggest staying under 24,000 words – even 12-15K is fine.

Less is more and top notch content is much more important than a huge word count.

My very first book – the one that allowed me to start traveling the world – had only 10,000 words, just as an example:

💎#5 – In your first draft, just “brain dump”!

Just write and write away. No editing, stopping, analyzing – just let it flow.

If you start to edit in this early phase, you will never finish and will interrupt your creative flow.

Just write….

Enjoy the process. Enjoy having it flow out of you.

If you properly researched and outlined your book, this should feel like one big release.

With non-fiction, writer’s block shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you have a good outline, just flesh out the bullets and follow the overall structure that you laid out.


Build a Launch Team

During this second week you also want to build a launch team. A group of people who will read your manuscript and leave reviews on Amazon when you launch.

Ideally, people who are interested in your topic, your actual target audience.

How to find targeted Reviewers?

Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups where your target audience hangs out. Engage, interact, help people, become a valuable member of the community. No pitching! – Also, ask for feedback on cover and title choices. Or problems/frustrations they might face that you could address in your book.

People love to give feedback and share their opinion and this is a much more elegant way to get others engaged in your launch. Be sure that your posts are not just about you and your book though. Support and help others first and be an active member of that group.

Then, when the time comes and you need reviewers, you will have plenty of sign ups for your launch team.

My student Jen Torborg got over 70 reviews that way for her first launch  andbeat out #1  New York Times Bestseller “What to Expect when you are Expecting”and several other famous books:

This is also one of the most effective ways – and completely free at that(!) – to grow a loyal following to your brand. And can be tapped into again for future launches (and even to get clients…).

I usually get 100-150+ reviews in the first week alone, and wrote an in-depth chapter on how to find reviewers and how to work with them in this sleek pink baby, the top selling publishing guide worldwide (FREE when you click the image – US Store):Self publish a book on Amazon Kindle

You can also get a lot of support in our friendly author Facebook group, aka “the friendliest business group on Facebook”… 🙂 – you can join here: SassyZenGirl.Group


Craft a Marketable Title & Subtitle

Now that you have finished your manuscript and handed it over to an editor, you can spend a few days crafting an awesome, attention grabbing title.

Don’t take this lightly. It is one of the most important steps in the entire process!

In fact…

Your title + cover will be the two main reasons why people will click on your thumbnail to potentially buy!

They are that important!

A great title will significantly increase the “click-through rate” (CTR) to your book. Click-through rate is a marketing term that describes how many people will click on your book’s thumbnail through to your book’s sales page.

Crafting great titles is an art, and headline writers for top magazines are among the highest paid writers in the world.

I go into much more detail in the above mentioned (free) book.


Create an Awesome Cover

As we just mentioned, your cover and title are the two main reasons why people will buy your book.

It’s really important to understand this fully, because it will make all the difference in your success. Especially, long term success.

Skimp on one of these two and you will not be successful – definitely not long term. You simply won’t.


You need a top notch, professional-looking cover. One that “pops” in a small thumbnail on Amazon. Clear strong colors. Bold, easily legible title. Not too artsy or fluffy.

This is the one area where you cannot be stingy and a Fiverr gig won’t do.



Newbie authors ignore this advice all the time and then see their books falling away after just a few weeks (if they ever even take off), rarely ever selling a copy again.


While quite a few indie authors have bestseller launches only very few ever have continued, long term success as I already mentioned. Including most of the co-called publishing “experts”, surprisingly!

Only around 1%  I would dsay (though that’s a guesstimate).

If readers don’t like your cover, they won’t click on it, and if they can’t read your title on a small thumbnail, they will ignore it altogether.

Unless you are a professional book designer, do NOT create your own cover, tempting as it may be…

And no, the “Cover Creator” provided in KDP won’t do either!

There is a technique and a certain style to designing winning covers – those that SELL!

The main and only purpose of a good cover is to get people to click on it!

To get them through the door.

When you are new to publishing, it’s best to trust an experienced designer who knows what sells and what the winning traits of successful book covers are – specifically for online sales.

It may not always be what you would personally prefer, but you want it to sell, right…?

A good – risk free – option that many of my students have used is a 99 DESIGN Cover Contestand really FUN, too…😎

It’s risk free, because you only pay if you like any of the submissions – otherwise, you get your money back. 

BE SURE not to let them talk you into giving up that option during sign up!

And only buy an ebook cover – not the full package with paperback.

Most designers will add the print cover for a much lesser price – or you can even outsource that part to Fiverr.


Because the important part is the front cover. That is what people will see on Amazon.

That’s what they need to click on.


SassyZenGirl readers get a special 10% discount with 99 Designs – just use this link:

99 Designs Cover Contest (10% Off)

Here are a few examples of 99 Design produced covers from Sassy Nation:

Influencer Fast Track - Gundi Gabrielle - SassyZenGirl


Build your Author Website

Once you have chosen your title and while your editor and cover designer are at work, you can use the time to set up your author website.

Very easy to do these days  and no tech skills required!

This blog post will show you – step-by-step – how to set up an awesome looking website in less than a hour.

(there is even a cat on a motor bike…😎)


Create a Promo Schedule

The final item to complete in week 3, is  your promo schedule for launch week.

You won’t book the promos just yet, but you want to plan out your schedule and see what each requires.

What are promos and why do you need them?

Kindle Promo services are basically large mailing lists of hungry readers who love to get daily deals – either free or 99c.

Every day, the promo owners send out an email featuring books priced at 0 or 99c. So you are basically buying an ad in a highly curated newsletter.

There are hundreds of promo services to choose from, but only very few really produce any results.

Here is my premium list, the only ones I use, so you don’t have to waste time and money on all the dooseys: 

FREE Download:

Gundi’s Recommended List of Best Book Promo Services

To be clear though:

No promo in the world will help you if:

  • your cover is terrible
  • your title is not clear & enticing
  • your topic not popular and
  • no reviews.

This is not a magic bullet, you have to put in the work and not skip the above steps.

If you do…

Those promos can quickly an easily catapult you to #1 within just a few days of publishing.

So, please put time and effort into topic, cover and title – those 3 are crucially important for your success!


Let’s get ready to launch your book to AWEsomeness!!

And #1, of course 👍 

Selecting Categories

One of the most important tasks to complete here is Category research.

When you upload your book to KDP/Amazon, you can choose 10 categories.

To ensure #1 ranking in at least one of them, you need find sub categories in your niche that are not too competitive, but still have a decent search volume to help push your book during the first month.

This short video shows you how, using a nifty, little Chrome extension called:

KDSpy – you can get it HERE

It makes the whole process super easy and fast – (though it can be done manually, too, if you want to spend a few hours):


Launch Week – Show time!!

During Launch week, you have only two tasks:

1) Promote, promote, promote!

2) Watch your Bestseller rank every few hours and see yourself rise to the top!

That’s it!

The hard work is behind you and while you should spend every free minute promoting, this part should be really fun.

Don’t forget to enjoy it… 🤗

It’s an awesome feeling when you realize that you have become – and can now call yourself – a:

#1  Bestselling Author

Like SassyZenGirl alumni:

👉Cara Bramlett – she actually did it 3 times already! and her Servant Leadership book is highly regarded and popular in the medical community:

servant leadership cara bramlett

👉Kris Ward, CEO of a successful marketing company in Toronto:

Kris Ward Book - SassyZenGirl Success Stories

👉Agile Entrepreneur & Podcaster Ramesh Dontha:

Ramesh Dontha - The 6 Minute Startup

College Professor, Podcaster & Humanitarian Christine Reinhardt:

On the English & Spanish Charts no less:


The Coveted Bestseller Badge

Getting the little orange badge will be the ultimate satisfaction and it can sometimes take a few days.

You won’t get it just for being #1 for a day. You have to show continued success for at least a few days and then chances are good that it will show. Definitely share a screenshot with us in the group – we’ll cheer you on!

And, don’t forget to celebrate!!

Becoming a “Bestselling Author” is an awesome – epic – moment in your life!

Really take time to enjoy it!

What’s next…?

👉 #1 – Be sure to download your FREE copy of the complete guide on Amazon (US Store):

Self publish a book on Amazon Kindle

👉#2 – Check out SassyZenGirl’s Favorite Self Publishing Tools HERE

👉#3 – Take things further and learn how to turn Bestseller Publishing into a 6 Figure Passive Income Machine with this FREE Workshop:

Special FREE Masterclass


The Proven Step-by-Step System To Grow A 6 Figure Business from Bestseller Publishing & Massively Explode Your Existing Business As A #1 Bestselling Author!

…Even if you are not a Writer – have no Following yet and NO CLUE about Marketing!

Register here:


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