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Best Deals Ever!

My favorite service in the entire universe and planet - EVER!!!πŸ₯° - Seriously, I don't know how they do it, but AppSumo gets the most amazing deals on normally super expensive business tools & softwares. Instead of the usual monthly charges, you can get lifetime deals for $49 (sometimes even less). For softwares that often charge more *per month*! - In addition, their writing and video style is funny and you always find new cool tools to play with😎

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LIFETIME DEAL: Shopping Cart, Affiliate + Course Platform - All-in-One!!

If you ever tried to sign up for SamCart or Clickfunnels, you will know how incredibly expensive these platforms are - $97 per month MINIMUM and that's just for the basics. ThriveCart is the new go-to platform with 800,000+ entrepreneurs already using it. While they are still adding new features, you can get it for an incredible ONE-PAY Lifetime deal before it also goes to $99/per and up to $300 per month for affiliate platform etc. Incl.: sophisticated FUNNELS - upsells/downsells. PHYSICAL PRODUCTS. An AFFILIATE platform and... A brand new COURSE platform like Teachable, just better - and included FREE! If there is ONE tool you absolutely need, it's this one. Grab it now while this special deal is still on:

Design Contests!

Many SassyZenGirl students have gotten amazing, professional looking covers through a 99 Design Contest! Even the INFLUENCER FAST TRACK cover came through one - and the whole contest experience was really fun! Of course, 99 Designs offers a LOT more than just book covers and while some of it is a bit overpriced, for certain projects a contest might be perfect. Plus, if you don't like any of the submissions, you get your money back, so NO RISK at all!!

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Quiz Builder

Ok... I love to have FUN - and doing a cute little quiz about how many countries (or cat breeds😻) you recognize - is just totally awesome! You've seen them on Facebook and you've probably also noticed how viral they can become, right...? And... you usually have to give your email to get the results => sooo...massive list builder!!! - Thrive has one of the best quiz builders around and you can test it out below.

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DepositPhotos discount coupon code

Royalty-Free Photos, Videos & Vectors

I love gorgeous visuals - and LOVE not having to spent hours on free stock sites trying to find a decent photo that hasn't been used a million times already! - Even better: with DP, I don't have to spend a fortune (Shutterstock anyone...😡) - and I get a large selection of awesome photos at a cool bulk price!! - see for yourself:

be impressed...

FREE Design Tool

Canva is amazing! - if with zero design skills, you can create awesome looking banners, social media images or even business cards and flyers in no time. Features thousands of amazing looking templates that you can easily adjust for your needs with simple drag and drop -'s FREE!! - no joke!


Social Proof

You've seem them... those friendly bubbles sliding in at the bottom of sales pages announcing that "Lucy from Houston TX just joined the training". And you are impressed, right...? - Because if Lucy, Tim and Tom just bought, it MUST be good! - so you should not wait any longer... FOMO (fear of missing out) and more importantly "Social Proof" is what this awesome tool is nurturing, with a proven track record for increasing conversions. Get "Proof" now and give it a spin...:)

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Online Summits

Online summits have become the latest rage and for good reason! - 1) When you hold a summit - even as a complete newbie - you have suddenly moved into the "influencer" realm. 2) It's a great way to connect with bigger names in your niche - 3) An amazing way to quickly and massively build your email list as all the speakers will invite their large mailing lists to your summit.... => your email list!

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Viral Contests

The 3rd power house among fast track list builders are viral contests. This is how AppSumo grew a massive mailing list of 1 Million subscribers! - How do they go viral? - Well... the key is to not just have awesome, irresistible prizes, but to entice peeps with additional entries when they share the contest on their social media, follow you, subscribe to your mailing list, etc. - Don't worry, Kingsumo makes this super easy & FUN...πŸ€—

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Finance for Solopreneurs

Set up your business finances the smart way to earn more and keep more of what you make! - Learn from Alexa Von Tobel, financial superstar and founder of LearnVest, the fastest-growing personal finance software company in the history of the U.S, which she grew from a bootstrapped NYC startup, to raising $69 million in venture funding. With more than 1.5 million customers using her personal finance software, Alexa knows exactly where to look for the biggest leverage points in your business financials.

FREE Masterclass

Upcounsel is my first go-to place for anything legal. It's kinda like an Upwork for lawyers and you can get really good, quality service at a fraction of the normally (exorbitant) fees. You submit your job details and attorneys can apply and send you proposals to choose from. That's how I found my excellent trademark attorney Ross (see next listing). Can you go to Legalzoom instead? - Sure...but you might have to wait for a month and you don't know who you will get...

Get $100 Off

My Trademark Attorney

Ross Brandborg has been handling most of my trademark filings and I couldn't have been happier. He first does an in-depth search to make sure, you are not wasting your money and then goes to work - almost immediately. He is always available for questions with super-fast turn-around and has many years of experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews! - Normally, a trademark filing would cost you around $800, via Upwork, you pay a fraction of that!

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