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Keyword Tool for Authors

The Rocket is the one must-have tool for every author - and here is why: Research profitable topics. Find winning keywords in just minutes. See what the competition is like with just one click - and, so importantly - get ready-made keyword lists for your ad campaigns in just a few minutes (that alone would normally take hours)! - Really, this one's a must!

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KD Spy

KD Spy is another cool little tool - a Chrome extension that you can use while browsing on Amazon. Offers 2 major benefits for your research: 1) see sales rank for a whole list of books or authors at one glance while browsing on Amazon. 2) Find winning categories for #1 ranking. Sales rank (ABSR) shows how well a book (or category) is selling, so you don't waste time on unpopular topics.

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Book Cover Contest

Many SassyZenGirl students have gotten amazing, professional looking covers through a 99 Design Contest! Even the INFLUENCER FAST TRACK cover came through one - and the whole contest experience was really fun! Cover & title are the 2 main reasons customers will buy your book and 99 Design covers have proven to convert well again and again! (plus, if you don't like any, you get your money back!)

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I LOVE using Scrivener - and not just for writing books. I even use it to lay out course curriculum or plan social media and Youtube content. You can create chapters and sub-chapters, move them around as needed and use the cork board feature to brainstorm your book. Try all that with Word...:) - Easily converts your finished masterpiece into epub, mobi or any other format. I've never used anything else - and don't plan to!

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Audiobooks Made Easy - Course

Audiobooks are an important part of many author's portfolio and Derek Doepker's course will get you started in no time! Lays out all the steps, how to soundproof your home to meet Amazon's high audio standards and step-by-step instructions and best settings for the free audio editing software audacity. Derek will even give you feedback on samples to make sure everything is ready to go!

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Damonza - Premier Book Covers

Damonza is another great option for book covers though a bit pricier than 99 Designs. A boutique agency, Damonza has worked with many well known authors and you will probably recognize some of the sample covers on their site... Get 5% off with coupon code DREAMCLIENTS

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