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Foundr's IG Domination - Best Instagram Course!

Foundr's famous Instagram training, with the methods that grew them to a Million followers in less than 2 years - and built one of the most successful entrepreneur brands of the last decade! - Shows you step-by-step how CEO Nathan Chan went from zero to 250K followers in just a few months (currently 3 million) and used it to build the Foundr brand. And not just Foundr! - Numerous businesses and solopreneurs followed his teachings and built multi million dollar brands (even a dentist!!). Watch the free masterclass below and be blown away!

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Pinterest Training

Lauren & Alex grew their blogs to $20,000 per month in just 9 months - just with Pinterest traffic! - Now they are at over $100,000 per month, and growing! - Excellent course, really in-depth and constantly kept up-to-date. Join below and get ready for MASSIVE traffic!

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Pinterest Management

Pinterest is one of the most effective - and underused - ways to drive traffic to your website/blog or ecommerce offers - and evergreen traffic at that! - not the 1-time quickie boost of other platforms! - The one must-have tool for Pinterest is Tailwind for scheduling, analytics - and - access to the all important "Tribes" for additional growth. - Tailwind is the officially recommended tool by Pinterest and they often know of updates before they become public.

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Social Media Planner & Rewards

If you don't want to waste hours each week posting to social media, you need a scheduling tool! - My social media planner of choice is Sociamonials. - Why? - Because, it allows for direct posting to Instagram, rather than having to do it manually on your mobile - and no limits on video file size (500MB limit anyone?😡). Even cooler, you can run contests & giveaways, offer rewards for social shares and find influencers for shoutouts. Pretty amazing for an all in one tool!

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FREE Design Tool

Canva is A-MAZING!! - Even with zero design skills, you can create awesome looking banners, social media images or even business cards and flyers in a jiffy! - Features thousands of amazing looking templates that you can easily adjust for your needs with simple drag and drop - and...it's FREE!! - SASSY-liscious!!😍

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Quiz Builder

Ok... I love to have FUN - and doing a cute little quiz about how many countries (or cat breeds😻) you recognize - is just totally awesome! You've seen them on Facebook and you've probably also noticed how viral they can become, right...? And... you usually have to give your email to get the results => sooo...massive list builder!!! - Thrive has one of the best quiz builders around and you can test it out below.

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Don't pass this one! - Facebook Messenger Chatbots are *the* next big thing in online marketing! - Especially, since only 100K businesses are using them so far (out of BILLIONS of Facebook users!). - With open rates of a staggering 70+% (try that with email!)), you are literally leaving money on the table. Even cooler - your bot can serve as an autoresponder for your FB page and pre-screen visitors/send them to the right offers. AUTOPILOT Heaven! - Mobile Monkey is the Top Rated Chat bot (and it's cute, too😻)

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Find Viral, Trending Topics

If you've been frustrated by Buzzsumo's staggering prices, Social Animal is your manna from heaven...:) - Offering pretty much the same functionality: listing the most viral content on each platform, this cool gem comes at about half the price. - Also, includes most popular content on Facebook by keyword and finding influencers. Writing content around viral topics is a fast-track to massive growth + Social Animal is your go-to tool!

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Influencer Marketing

This nifty tool is OPA on steroids (aka, leverage "other people's audiences")! - Allows you to connect with influencers in your niche to have them amplify your existing social media posts with shares, comments or reviews to their large audience - and/or post a product review on their blog, Youtube channel or your market places (Amazon, etc.). - Influencer marketing is a fast track to quick growth and brand awareness, so definitely, an important tool to have in your arsenal. - And....when your following is large enough, you can list yourself for some additional bling!

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