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HOW TO START A PASSIVE INCOME BUSINESS: 7 Fast Track Factors to earn $5,000-10,000/mo in the next 6 Months!

Here you are… πŸ™‚

You clicked on an article on starting a passive income business, probably a bit skeptical, but what the heck…

You obviously want freedom, but you are in a situation that constrains you. Doesn’t allow you to fully be you and share some awesome with the world.

Maybe you dabbled in home-based businesses or heard about “Digital Nomads”, “Laptop Lifestyle” or other cool options.

You know passive income is awesome. It’s definitely what you want, but where to start?

Especially, if you don’t have much money and no business experience.

Maybe you saw a few pitches for expensive online courses promising amazing results. You are tempted, but also scared to spend so much money when you don’t really know what it’s about and how it all works.

Does it actually work or is this all just a scam with some people getting lucky?

WELCOME to SassyZenGirlΒ and a wide array of proven passive income options that even a total beginner can start!

While no one can guarantee your success, I can promise you this much:

After reading this article, you will have a much better understanding of how things work and what is required.

You will also feel assured that these are not scams and that YOU can absolutely make it work.

Everyone’s situation is different as are skills, interests, personality and background – hence the wide variety.

Many of these blueprints can be started with very little start up funds and risk.

Before we get to them though…

Don’t skip this one, no matter how pumped you are… πŸ™‚

Let’s quickly cover 7 FAST TRACK FACTORS that will make a dramatic difference in your success.

Ignoring even one of them is usually the reason why people fail – and I don’t want you to fail!

So, let’s cover the 7 FAST TRACK FACTORS and then jump into an awesome array of fun – proven – blueprints to get you rockin’ in no time!


7 FAST TRACK Factors to a Successful Passive Income Business!


#1 – The Slot Machine Approach

This one’s a biggie…

What I call the “Slot Machine Approach”

What the booty…?

Most people FAIL, because they approach entrepreneurship – and in particular, online businesses – with a lottery mentality.

They are serious, hardworking people otherwise, but let them loose on the internet and things turn into high stakes poker.


Here is how it works:

I’m using “Jimmy” as a friendly example (and you can see how much you recognize… πŸ™‚

Jimmy just heard about an amazing success story from someone who started an online business. Broke before – now a millionaire. Jimmy is frustrated in his jobs, buried in bills and desperate to find a better way.

He heads over to Google and starts searching for “home based business”, “start a business”, “passive income”, “side hustle” and all the usual suspects.

It doesn’t take long and Jimmy finds a great sounding opportunity that promises fantastical results in just a few weeks. Great sales pitch an’ll.

He gets excited. He thinks he finally found a gold mine and will be rich in a jiffy. Show everyone how clever he is.

He jumps on a quickie training, ideally free, and expects to be rich within 2 months.

Yes, he knows it’s not realistic, but you can hope, right…?

Jimmy is pumped and puts a lot of effort in for about 3 weeks. But then… TOTAL SHOCKER – no results!


Was he cheated?

Did he just waste a full 3 weeks for nothing?

Online businesses are a scam – or worse: luck – and “it’s just not for him”.

Jimmy doesn’t give up right away though, he really wants out badly. So he moves on to the next blueprint and another one after that – rinse and repeat.

Eventually, he does gives up in frustration, now joining the chorus of “online scams” for the rest of his life.

Any of this sound familiar?

Even a little…?

And I’m not making fun, we all have done this to a degree. It’s normal.

But why…

Why is it “normal”?

Why do smart, educated, hard working people believe that starting an online business or generating passive income mostly means hitting a “lucky button” and somehow you land there?

No effort, no training, no learning curve, no expertise?


Because we are brought up to believe that only years of hard work and an expensive college education can bring success and that everything else is shady.

That the few who make it are either lucky or exceptionally brilliant, but it can’t work for the ordinary Joe (or Jane… :).

So you don’t really try – not seriously. You dabble, you get excited, but you don’t treat it like a serious business – like the new career that it really is.

Which brings us to #2:


#2 – The Ninja Advantage

You wouldn’t dream of becoming a dentist, a gourmet chef, a teacher or any other profession without first thoroughly learning the ropes.

You understand it takes time and you are willing to invest considerable time and money to learn a profession that – in most cases – forces you to work for other people (= loss of freedom) and keeps you struggling financially for the rest of your life.

That is ok. That is “normal”. Most wouldn’t challenge that concept.

And yet…

An online business can bring you freedom and wealth beyond anything a college education ever could. Yet, for some reason, most people think they won’t need training, practice or time to grow and achieve long-term success.

Online businesses are treated like “slot machines”. You pull the lever and hope that if you play long enough you will eventually win.

You also know how unlikely that is…

But you can’t help it. (maybe not you… πŸ™‚

See where I’m going…?

The most important, first ingredient for starting a business is:

Take it seriously!

Treat it like a new career. Be willing to invest time and resources to give yourself a reasonable chance of success.

It can be much easier – and faster – than a college education to succeed with the blueprints available today. Many you can start with almost no start up funds and little risk.

A stark contrast to the world of brick and mortar businesses, and that’s probably why we have such a hard time taking them seriously.

It just doesn’t make sense. It should be more difficult and, yes, that seems like a contradiction, but hear me out:

Online businesses can be fast and incredibly lucrative – even passive – if you lay a solid foundation. Acquire expertise and learn sound strategies from 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs who have mastered whatever blueprint you choose.

Not theorists and “professors”, not talkers, but those who have actually done it.

By “done it” I mean: not just an overnight sensation, but sustained success over several years while massively scaling and eventually automating.

Learn from those who are successful and commit to becoming a master of your trade, so you are not dependent on luck, but can replicate your success over and over again.

Make sense?

You can absolutely make money – and quit your job – often within just a few months.

It is nowhere nearly as time consuming and complex as a college education – nor as expensive!

But there is a learning curve and you need to lay a solid foundation. Then – the sky can be the limit.

This book will give you a step by step overview of 23 proven Passive Income Blueprints so you know what’s involved, what to expect and what the many options are.

From there, you need to dive in and learn from the best, so you can replicate their strategies and don’t waste precious time on costly mistakes.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel:

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same the results.

– Tony Robbins


Now… to take some pressure off:

#3 – Keepin’ it real

You will often read mind blowing testimonials, especially on course sales pages.

They are addictive, they convince you to buy, but they also add a lot unnecessary pressure.

First of all, those results are not “normal”. They are the exception.

It also doesn’t mean that those people will keep having success and achieve freedom long-term.

As I always say:

“It’s not about who has success the fastest.

It’s about who has success the longest

meaning, for the rest of your life.”

That is what matters. That’s the golden goose to aim for. Everything else is just ego boosters.

You might be “slow”.

Not in the real world, mind you, but in the online mind set.

Maybe it takes you several months to make your first $10 bucks (oh goodie…).

But those $10 are massive!

Once you hit that – small as it may seem – you made the most important first step:

You earned money from your business. A business that you built with no prior experience, that took a lot of effort and hard work and with probably a few mistakes along the way. But you made it, you earned your first money as an entrepreneur.

That’s a huge deal!

If you can do it once, you can do it again – even if it takes you another few months (it probably wont!).

How many years did you spend in college, btw…?

Every time you do, you gain a little more confidence. You start believing that this is real.

And once you believe, you can repeat it and eventually scale.

It’s fine to be “slowly” successful in the beginning as long as you keep moving.

And before you know it – you are suddenly there. Total surprise!

Baby steps – but continuous steps. One after the other after the other.

Even when it’s frustrating. When nothing seems to work and everyone has success, but you.

Keep going, keep learning, keep improving and don’t stop until you are there. There is always a solution and it may just be around the corner.

Here’s another gem from the great Tony:

My whole life changed in just one dayβ€” the day I determined not just what I’d like to have in my life or what I wanted to become, but when I decided who and what I was committed to having and being in my life.
– Tony Robbins

I love that quote!

Don’t plant a tree and dig it up every few days to see if it has grown. No need for that.

Learn from someone who is successful. Understand good things take time. Get a solid foundation and then… – one day…:

You are FREE…


#4 – Reverse is the new Black

Another biggie…

How do most people start a business?

By creating a product that they hope will sell.

They spend a lot of time creating and even building a website, getting everything ready in great detail.

Then – finally – they open for business and now suddenly try to figure out who their customers are and how to reach them (aka marketing strategies).

They never tested whether there was actually a need or interest for the product – they just went for it and hoped for the best.

Is it surprising that most new businesses fail…?

“Hoping for the best” is like playing the lottery – remember the “Slot Machine Approach“…?

If you have to rely on hope and luck, you are already doomed.


Smart entrepreneurs “REVERSE ENGINEER”!

They first find a need, a void to fill, something people really need and/or want.

Then they validate and make sure it is really needed and also not oversaturated.

While doing the above, they also learn who their ideal customer is and where they hang out => how they can reach them (= marketing strategy).

Only then – with the whole plan laid out and in place – do they start creating the product.


Totally different approach.

And much more sensical, wouldn’t you say…?


πŸ‘‰Reverse engineer, baby… 😎

Pay attention to what people care about, and reverse engineer it.

– Gary Vaynerchuck


#5 – The Wow Factor

Now… on to the “Wow” Factor…

And it’s not what you think – at least not in this chapter… πŸ™‚

I’m talking about your “WHY”.

Yes – I said it.

The infamous “WHY”:

I’m not, however, talking about a vision board (although they are great) or the Ferrari you will buy (I love sports cars).

Nor are we talking about vague concepts like “freedom”, “I want to help people” or “I want to change the world” – though they are all awesome and wonderful.

The problem with the above is that they are not specific and they will leave you empty once you reach your goal. The “Void” Tim Ferriss refers to in the “4-hour Work Week“.

Yes, you should enjoy life and all the amazing things you can now afford. Vision boards are awesome and incredibly powerful – use them!

But there is one additional dimension that is usually forgotten, that will change everything – and – keep you grounded:


A special cause you care deeply about. (or several)

Bigger than yourself – and real.

Maybe it’s abused women and children, maybe the homeless, the environment, animals – you name it.

Everyone cares about something and the deeper you care, the richer your life becomes.

Caring deeply about something bigger than yourself will bring a whole new dimension into your life and transform you as a person.

You won’t suffer the emptiness and depression that successful people often feel once they reach all their goals. Once they have “everything”.

Lying on the beach all day gets boring pretty quickly.

While enjoying your life and all the amazing things, you can now finally do – and, yes, absolutely enjoy them, by all means! – you will feel all the richer and more fulfilled if you can now also put time and money into a cause you care deeply about.

There is nothing like it. No fulfillment comes even close, except maybe raising your children (and that is certainly a cause… πŸ™‚

So often I see people become successful – amazingly successful – but then lose themselves in wanting more and more. Growing yet another business, yet another marketing hack, it never seems to end.

Or they become bored and depressed.


Somehow I doubt that at the end of our journey, we will look back and cherish all the money we made or the successes we had.

But rather, how fully we lived each moment, how present we were when it happened and how connected we were with those around us, and the world as a whole.

“It seems the line between”fulfillment” and obsession is quickly crossed and rarely noticed by those who cross it.”

On that note…

#6 – The FF Formula

…and we are almost done, I promise… πŸ™‚

Let’s look at the “Financial Freedom Formula” since freedom is the whole purpose of passive income:

3 Points – you’ll love them:

#1 – What is Passive Income?


Money on Autopilot

You’ve heard about “earning while you sleep” and you know about rental properties, royalties and some financial investments.

But what else…?

Rental properties are “income producing assets”. Once acquired and cultivated, they keep producing money without constant effort from you, aside from maintenance, turn over, etc.

Royalties work in a similar way – though a lot more hands off – and publishing is one of the blueprints in this book.

In all cases, you are first building an asset that has the potential to eventually be put on autopilot.

It usually takes considerable time and effort to build, but once created, you can sit back and let it produce income every month.

There will be the occasional maintenance and upkeep – with some blueprints more than with others – but you are mostly free.

That’s for starters.


#2 – The 3 Steps to building an income producing asset:

(write this one down + keep it handy)

πŸ‘‰STEP 1: Create the asset

πŸ‘‰STEP 2: Develop replicable Systems to run & scale the asset

πŸ‘‰STEP 3: Automate by either outsourcing or automated funnels (more on that in the blueprints)

Those are the 3 pillars that every passive income blueprint is built on:

Creation – Systems – Automation

That’s it!


#3 – The Financial Freedom Formula

First of all…

Financial freedom does not mean you have to be a millionaire – though you certainly can.

Financial freedom means having enough money coming in every month to live well and not having to worry, chase discounts or live in a shoe box.

What is that number for you?

Pick one now and write it down, you can always adjust later.

Let’s choose a monthly number since that’s easier to gauge.

Let’s say you picked $3,000. That’s conservative, but let’s start small:

$3,000 per month means:

$100 per day

On average.

Doesn’t sound so crazy anymore, does it?

Now you can focus and plan:

How many products do you need to sell per day to make $100?

While it might take some time to generate that number consistently, it’s a lot easier to hit a goal when you know what you are aiming for.


And break it down into smaller parts.

Let’s go wild and look at 10K:

$10,000 would be ca. $335 per day.

Also not entirely crazy once you look at it in this way.

Getting to that first goal of $100 per day (or whatever number you set) – is the biggest milestone!

Once you can do that and have systems in place to replicate at will, you can start scaling up, which is a lot easier.

So try to hit your daily target number first.

Take your time, be patient and keep at it until you hit that number.

First, once.

Then, twice.

Then more regularly.

And then daily – or more.

Once you do, the hardest part is done and you will enjoy the rest a lot more.


Then here’s the final FAST TRACK FACTOR:



#7 – DO-IT!


Start. Take action. GO FOR IT!!

That’s it. Short chapter… πŸ™‚


You made it!

You rocked through the 7 FAST TRACK Factors and a first Sassy Congrats to YOU!!

Now let’s have fun and dive into some awesome blueprint bonanza in this book – the top selling Passive Income Book worldwide:


Passive Income Freedom

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