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The Ultimate JETLAG Cure!


You know the feeling…..

You are excited about your trip. You can’t wait to see see Paris, London or Rome, but once you get there… are dead tired, completely exhausted and not good for anything.

Travel from the US East Coast to Europe seems to be particularly challenging – I always found the 9 hours from California much easier.

As a frequent traveller I eventually figured out a way to keep exhaustion minimal and be mostly functional from day 2:

  • Wear earplugs on the plane. Stress from airplane noise is enormous and very harmful to the body. Good earplugs only block out the harmful noise, you can still hear announcements or the flight attendants. As a test, take them out briefly during a flight and you will see what I mean….
  • Do NOT go to sleep on your arrival before  6-7pm local time. Keep walking and moving around, but do not sleep no matter how much you will be tempted. Otherwise, you can pretty much forget the next few days.
  • Take a strong sleeping pill the first night to make sure you sleep all the way through the night. This greatly helps the body adjust to the new time zone. I never take sleeping pills otherwise, but that is the one time when they are really helpful.

Those 3 steps have made a big difference on my travels for years, though the arrival day was still always brutal, especially when you arrive early in the morning. 

That was until…..

I was introduced to a new little gadget called the Human Chargerthat supposedly eliminates or at least greatly reduces JetLag.

I had heard about it from another travel blogger and decided to give it a try on a flight from New York to South Africa. The time zone difference is the same as to Europe, and I knew I would have to get up at 4:30am the next morning to go on Safari.

This would have been a miserable experience even with the above 3 steps – and I am not an early riser anyway.

So I gave the Human Charger a try and the results were absolutely phenomenal!

I easily woke up at 4:30, was fully energized and remained that way throughout the day as though I had never crossed 6 time zones the day before.

Not only that, but I remained an early riser for the next week and never felt any jetlag symptoms.

Absolutely incredible!


Now you probably wonder – what is a Human Charger and why does it work?

First of all – here is a picture:

Human Charger

It looks a lot like an ipod with ear phones, except that those ear phones don’t transmit music, but UV-free, blue-enriched white light to the brain.

We all have experienced how sunshine boosts our energy levels and lifts our mood and when we travel between timezones, we simply don’t get enough light.

You might also have heard how people in Northern countries with no sunlight during winter often suffer from depression and mood disorders.

In 2007, scientist and engineer Juuso Nissila and Antti Aunio launched Valkee to fight through the long, dark winters of their home in northern Finland. Perceiving our brain as the central ‘mood’ system and our body as the timekeeper, they designed a device that brings light to where we need it most.

Simply push the power button and UV-free, blue-enriched white light starts flowing through the ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of the brain.

Wear it for just 12 minutes and you’re done. 12 minutes a day is the ideal amount of light therapy to get fully charged under normal conditions.

When travelling, just start a few days before your flight.

Then, once you land, use it four times during the following days – usually 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm local time.

In my case, it worked so well that I only needed it on my arrival day and the first safari day, but if I ever feel tired or don’t get enough sleep, I still use it for 12 minutes in the morning and I can feel a clear difference.

If you are wondering about the science behind it, here is a clinical study that goes more in-depth:

“Transcranial Bright Light and Symptoms of Jet Lag: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial”

I conclusion, I can highly recommend this device. It far surpassed my expectations and is well worth the price, especially if you travel a lot. Given how badly jetlag can disrupt our travel plans – sometimes for days – this was an amazing discovery and made my first Africa experience so much better.

You can get the Human Charger HERE.

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate JETLAG Cure!”

  1. Followed your advice and the device is really amazing!! – no jet lag whatsoever, after a 17 hour flight from the US to Australia – and I’ve always had such bad jetlag – what a life saver! – thanks for the recommendation!!

  2. WOW!!! That little gadget sounds helpful thru everyday life. I will check it out.
    You look mighty sassy upon Tembo. I can feel your excitement and energy. Keep up the fun……..

    • hope it will work for you as well as it did for me, Janet! – and, yes, the safaris were absolutely amazing, much more than I expected – something everyone should experience once in their lives….


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