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Welcome to my Tools & Resources page! I have tested every recommendation listed here. Most of these resources are crucial to running my business and travel lifestyle - and I can highly and full-heartedly recommend them.

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission - at no additional cost to you. In some cases, you even get a special discount and it helps keep this site free for everyone. I personally use all the below services and can recommend them full heartedly. Please do not spend money on these products, unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.​

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Jetlag - how to beat it

The Ultimate JET LAG Cure!

Gears and Gadgets Reviews

TOP Rated Travel Insurance

WorldNomads is the top recommended travel insurance by Lonely Planet & National Geographic!

Low rates and superb customer service - if the worst case should ever happen they'll have your back! - You can even book or extend after your trip already started. I never use anyone else!

WorldNomads Travel Insurance

My Favorite Booking Site

Booking.com does not require pre-payment. In many cases, you don#t even need to leave your credit card.

Their selection and deals are usually great and I rarely look elsewhere.

Use this link and earn a $20 Cash Reward:

My Favorite Flight Booking Tools

AwardWallet, keep miles organized

My favorite flight search engine - hands down! 95% of the time, I find the best rates there. And I like their flexible date range option.

Be sure to use incognito mode in your browser when entering flight searches. Search engines can track your choices and will often raise prices in between sessions to create urgency and get you to buy.

An awesome tool that shows you all prices and routes for the past 15 days anywhere on the internet.

I use a special technique with Skyscanner, that can drastically reduce prices especially for multi-leg trips. You can check it out here​.

Award Wallet is an easy way to keep track of your mileage accounts.

The app automatically updates when you miles are added and they also let you know when your miles are about to expire, which has saved me a few times....

Free Travel Planning Tools

The Best Itinerary Planner

Rome2Rio is THE coolest travel planner ever! You simply enter points A and B and let the app show you every single option to get there. Works anywhere in the world and includes all bus, train and plane connections - with price estimates - as well as rental car quotes. You can even book right from the site.

Totally amazing and I've never been in a location anywhere in the world where this app didn't work and offered the most comprehensive itinerary options. And....it's totally free.

Every Train on this Planet....

The Man in Seat 61 is the most comprehensive resource on train travel anywhere on the internet. Once again, even in remote parts of Africa, this website gave me detailed options of any train available - with price ranges and reviews for quality, comfort and safety. An amazing tool and also totally free.

Digital Nomad / Business Traveler Tools

VPN Service

TunnelBear is probably the cutest app ever - and very effective. You can hide your IP address where needed and pretend to browse from a different country. Helpful especially to access country specific content where licenses (music, videos, TV Shows) allow content only to be shown in certain countries or where internet is very restrictive like in China.

Tunnelbear is super easy to use and truly adorable. It's free unless you use it a lot.

Update your Website or Blog without Wifi

Mars Edit allows you to write and edit all your blog posts while you are offline (on planes, trains, etc.). Once you are connected to the internet again, you simply upload what you created, without further editing. Great time saver and a must have for Digital Nomads and frequent business travelers.

Wifi Passwords for Airports Worldwide

An interactive map with Wifi passports for airports all around the world. When you don't want to fill out a long application, hand over your email address or phone verification is required.

Digital Nomad Expense Tracking

Expensify is a free app that helps you keep track of all your business expenses. Pulls all relevant items from your credit cards and bank accounts, sorts them by category and exports them later in one neat document when tax time comes around.

You can also take a photo of receipts with your phone and the app will integrate. I would be lost without this app!

Laptop Theft Protection

Prey is another amazing free app! Can locate your phone or laptop if stolen. As soon as the thief is connecting to the internet, Prey will show the exact GPS location and even turns on your computer camera to show the perp. How is that for peace of mind!

All your Itineraries in one Place

WorldMate stores all your travel itineraries in one convenient place and will remind you of upcoming travel dates and check-in windows.

All you have to do is forward the confirmation email to WorldMate and they will store it for you. Very helpful to keep organized with multiple itineraries.

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