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Welcome to my Tools & Resources page! I have tested every recommendation listed here. Most of these resources are crucial to running my business and travel lifestyle - and I can highly and full-heartedly recommend them.

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission - at no additional cost to you. In some cases, you even get a special discount and it helps keep this site free for everyone. I personally use all the below services and can recommend them full heartedly. Please do not spend money on these products, unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.​

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Marketing Tools

The 2 must-have tools for any successful Bestseller launch - and sustained success - are Kindle Spy and KDP Rocket. Rather than writing a long review, I recorded 2 videos that show each in action. They are the absolute best on the market and I wouldn't consider launching a book without them!

Kindle Spy

For Market Research and selection of the most profitable Categories and Topics, Kindle Spy is a must have tool​. See sales rank and monthly volume at a glance as well as competitor score and word cloud. See a demo here:

KDP Rocket

The key to cracking the Amazon algorithm and have Amazon do the marketing for you, is proper Keyword selection. That's how potential readers can find you. Leave that out and you won't be successful!

You want to find keywords with good search volume, but medium to low competition. KDP Rocket gives you many options with all relevant metrics from both Google and Amazon in just a few seconds. The most proficient tool on the market at the moment!

Also ideal for Amazon Ads keyword research (AMS). See a demo here:

Writing Software


Scrivener is AWEsome! - So much easier to plan, outline and write a book, make changes, switch chapters around and so much more. See a demo here:

Cover Design

99 Designs

Run a contest and have professional designers from all around the world submit a cover for your book! - You only pay if you like one and you get to choose from a number of great options! See 99 Designs in action:

Take your Publishing to the Next Level! - Further Training Resources:

Write a Bestseller in 30 Days!

All the steps from research & planning to publishing a bestseller within the next 30 days. This little book will show you how.

Kindle Publishing

The Gold Standard Course - #1 Bestseller Guaranteed!

If you prefer an accountability partner and one-on-one coaching throughout the whole publishing process, this is the best course in the business. #1 Bestseller GUARANTEED! - Sign up for the free webinar to learn more:

Add an Audiobook to your Kindle

Audiobooks have a become a huge market and offering your book in audio format, in addition to Kindle and Paperback, can effectively increase your income streams from publishing.

This is a great course by multiple #1 Bestselling Author and former studio musician Derek Doepker who teaches you how to record your audio books in professional level quality without breaking the bank.

Amazon Kindle Ads (AMS)

Unlike Facebook and Google Ads, Amazon Ads are still very underused and therefore affordable. It's not so easy though to set them up profitably, which is another reason why they are not used by many authors. Most try a bit, don't have much success and then decide it isn't worth it.

If you know the secret formula to set up a successful AMS campaign, you can ensure long term success of your books for years to come.

This is the Gold Standard Course with hands-on coaching where needed.​

Choose the right POD Platform

Since the recent arrival of KDP Print, it has become quite confusing for authors which of the 2 Amazon print-on-demand platforms to choose: CreateSpace or KDP Print. 

I recently wrote an article on Kindlepreneur that looks a both platforms in-depth, listing all the pros and cons to make the decision a lot easier:​

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