Marketing: How to Chill with the M-Word

Marketing – Oh NO!! – How to CHILL with the M-WORD

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“Marketing isn’t my thing…

I LOVE to create, but….not that sales stuff… It’s just not my T-H-I-N-G…”



I’ve heard that SO many times!

Usually, from fabulously talented people with an absolute horror – almost dis-GUST – of marketing.


Sounds like you? 

Be honest… 🙂

I feel ya…

But let me ask you this:

You LOVE being broke?

This is a Biggie and something to keep in mind next time you bolt from the M-Word.


Get this:

Once you see the first major BLING coming in from “M”, you will start to LOVE her!

Absolutely ADORE her!

Become addicted to her!


Because here’s the kicker:

Knowing how to crush it with “M” is what separates the millionaires in this “game” from the rest who barely make a buck (because they are to “cool” to learn)!

If you like being broke, stop reading right now!


You will be wasting your time.

IF, however, your are SICK of struggling and want your FREEDOM, I have good news for you, my friend:

There is a way out of the nightmare and it starts with the letter M.

Even better…

There are repeatable systems and methods you can LEARN!


Yes, YOU, the one without the marketing gene (or so you think…..:).

It’s simply learning how to do it, perfecting those methods and then – rinse and repeat.

Is there a learning curve?

You bet!

Will it be quick and easy?


Will I have to work hard and apply yourself?

Yep. You’ll work your little booty off.

Will I be frustrated at times when nothing seems to work or I’m stuck with some super annoying tech problem (I’m SO non techie)?

Oh yea. You are getting the drift now…


And this is one of the rare times, when the B-Word has any use at all.

When you DO and keep at it. Keep learning and keep improving until you become a MASTER-Ninja…

The sky in Cyberspace Wealthdom is literally (not) the limit!

That’s not a sentimental cliche – nope – that’s reality. And people prove it everyday.

Whatever you do. Whatever you want to share, no matter how awesome you are…

Unless you become a MASTER at marketing for whatever platform you use, MUCHO BLING will stay out of reach for YOU, my friend, for like EVER!

And wouldn’t THAT suck?!


Can we move past being silly and blushy around “M” – and finally allow her to help you explode your brand?

You have something awesome to share with the world, right?


So share! – Let everyone know. Allow them to benefit from what you have to offer.


THAT’s all Marketing really is!



That’s all it is.

Take a breath…

This was the most difficult part. You made it. Now let’s rock:

Marketing is FUNNNNNN, Baby….!!

Yep, that’s right.

When you understand how “M” really works and forget the sleazy salesman image – which has NADA to do with marketing! – then….  “M” becomes DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!

Sassyliscious, really…

Gary Vaynerchuck, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and genius marketers of our time had this to say about “M”:

“The Best Marketing Strategy in the World: CARE” – Gary Vaynerchuk


Is that a different perspective – or what…?

How can you be sleazy and pushy – AND care for people at the same time?

That’s right, you can’t.

Marketing done right is about caring, building relationships and creating win-win situations for all sides.

It’s about finding what people already urgently want – and then providing it to them => again, helping people.

But how? – You might ask.

And that’s the other part that’s  holding y’all back:

The idea that marketing is difficult and complicated – and not something you could possibly EVER do.

Like it’s some ultra secret Ninja science that only special people with the “marketing gene”, enormous confidence and the gift of the gap can master.

Definitely NOT YOU!


So you don’t even try.

That ship has sailed. Why bother?

You are hopeless at marketing. That ugly word…..


Big time!

Stop right now.


Instead, let’s look at the 5 pillars of FUN – and effective – marketing and you will quickly see that YOU can absolutely master this.

That a lot of it is common sense and that it will actually be FUN – and even FULFILLING!


So let’s hit it. Strap on your dancing boots and let’s rock:

Oh… more side note:

Don’t be so SERIOUS all the time!

Seriously. 🙂

Yes, you need to apply yourself and it will be quite a bit of work – BUT – nothing changes, just because you are having fun in the process.

Well…. actually it does – it will be MUCH easier for you and more fun for others to hear from you!

See how this works?

So, don’t be a sourpuss or try to be super perfect. Perfect is boring.


Full power, full steam you, like a force of nature and with laser focus.

But never without fun. Not ever!

Got it?

Cool – let’s roll:

Pillar #1 – Make it all about THEM

“What’s in it for me?”

Wait? What? – I don’t want to be selfish??

Relax. It’s not about you.

This is the #1 concern any customer has when checking out your biz, service, book, blog – or whatever you offer.

We all do it and it’s not selfish.

Time is precious. We may have a problem or frustration we need solved. And we want to find out quickly whether your product does.

That’s the whole point after all.

So rather than reciting a long sales pitch that focuses on you, your product and all its awesome features, make it about THEM.

How will it improve/change THEIR lives. How will they FEEL after using your service or product?

Be crystal clear about the:

BEFORE and AFTER scenario

and paint a beautiful – feeling – picture of the AFTER – the result.

The more effectively you do, the more people will be pumped to check you out.

Well, not you…..your product…:)

Obviously, be genuine and don’t make false promises. But if you truly believe in your product or service, this should be easy.

Again, don’t recite why YOU believe in it. Make it about THEM and THEIR experience.

#2 – Create Products/Services Customers urgently Want

Seems like a no brainer, but most never bother to find out what customers actually want.

Instead badgering them with endless sales pitches and telling them what they should want, which is rather patronizing, don’t you think? – Let alone annoying.

How to find out?

Look at bestselling products or viral articles. Buzzsumo is a great free resource for the latter. And Amazon bestseller lists for products.

Most of all – ASK your existing readers/clients/customers. Frequently do a survey (people LOVE those), invite feedback in your autoresponder (“what is currently your biggest challenge?” or similar)

Read customer reviews of top selling products, especially the negative ones. They can often be a goldmine of ideas of what people find missing, what could be improved or added.

Again, make it all about THEM and….

#3 – How can you best HELP them?

Rather than worrying about the sale or whether you can even make a sale, focus solely on how you can help that person. Maybe not even with your product.

Maybe it’s not right for them. But rather than convincing them anyway – which is unethical – maybe you have a better suggestion that could really make a difference. Even if someone else makes that sale.

Don’t you think that will build trust and loyalty? Don’t you think they will come back to you next time they need something? And recommend you to everyone they know?

How rare is genuine selflessness these days?

Care, help and OVER-deliver and people will happily remember you and come back.


By “Help” I do NOT mean: solving their life’s problems, serving as a free therapist or lending money. You need to value your time and not spend hours on this…. – in the few cases where it might be necessary, set clear boundaries and have an EXIT line prepared that’s friendly and non offensive, but gets you out the door. For everyone else: help and overdeliver.

#4 – Don’t view others as competitors

This is a super Biggie – and scary for many.

Get this:

NO ONE is like you!

Let that sink in….

I truly believe that everyone is AWESOME and has something special to offer that only they can share. It’s just that most people never allow that part of them to shine and show – or don’t even believe they have it.

Which is really sad.

EVERYBODY has something magical and unique about them.


With that SASSYLISCIOUS insight, let’s try again:

No one is like you, and if you create a product that you strongly believe in, that you created to help and support others, and…. that you can fully stand behind-…….you don’t ever have to worry about competition. Ever again!


It get’s better….

You ready?

Here it comes:

Rather than competing, see others as an endless sea of opportunities for collaboration. A win-win for both sides as well as for your audiences/customer base.

Keep breathing……

That way you can leverage each other’s resources and following – and everyone will grow much faster.

WOW – what a concept!

There is room for everyone and if you are true to yourself, there will always be an audience and a following for you. Specifically you.

Constantly network and build relationships – unselfishly. The more you do, the faster you will grow.

And while there will be the occasional BooBoo who doesn’t “get it”, many others will and y’all can grow together.

Don’t be mad at the BooBoo’s. They just don’t know better. And it’s tough being a BooBoo and being arrogant and competitive all the time. Exhausting really….

I’m flat just thinking about it….

So feel for them – just for a sec – and then move on with a smile.

Because YOU, my friend, are ON you way!

#5 – Share the True You

Yep – there had to be some fluff in this post….;)

Bear with me… here is goes:

BE genuine.

And be true to yourself.

Don’t try to blend in or be like everyone else.

The world needs you.

Yes, YOU!

The unique, true you – not the cookie cutter persona most of us present to the world to be liked and fit in.

Fitting in is overrated. And it’s boring!

Be generous with us. Share how awesome you really are.

And no “BUTs”.

Strike that word from your vocabulary.


And then let that boundless enthusiasm burst through that you’ve been holding back all those years.

Who gives a booty whether you do it “right”?

Have a blast with it. Enjoy your awesome uniqueness, and that way we all can, too.

You have something to share with the world.

Yes, YOU. The shy one in the back.

Time to come out of your shell and LET IT RIP!

Make this the most awesome ride of your life – and FLY!



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  1. Hi Gundi,

    I just enjoyed reading your Kindle Publishing book, and I had a few follow-up questions about areas I was uncertain about.

    (Sorry, I didn’t know where else to post these as I’m not currently on FB, but thought I should post them publicly for others).

    1 – In your experience, at what point does Amazon really help to internally promote certain Kindle books? After 50 copies are sold? After a book reaches #1 in a subcategory? After a certain number of free downloads? Just trying to figure out what goal you think is important to go after in order to “trigger the Amazon algorithm.”

    2 – So let’s say that you have a good launch, you pay the promo companies a few hundred dollars, and you get a few thousand free and 99c downloads. The Amazon algorithm is triggered that your book is popular. Will that successful launch be enough to give you steady sales in the future, just relying on Amazon’s internal marketing to do the work? Or is it necessary to have an author platform (blog, email list, social media, etc) to really get steady sales post-launch?

    3 – If you already have a book out that just had a “normal” launch, is it worth it to subsequently pay the promo companies a few hundred dollars to stimulate the book over another 5-day KDP promo period? Would a good 5-day promo period for an older book potentially bring steady sales, due to later Amazon internal marketing?

    Thanks for the up-to-date book on Kindle publishing, it was a huge help!!


  2. Thank you Gundi,
    Everything you said on the M word and 11 Rookie mistakes you were spot on with me. It is great knowing I’m not alone when I am scared. I am now reading your book on Starting a Successful Blog When You Haven’t A Clue and feel like I’m holding your hand and having fun.
    Keep Writing.

  3. What a great unique style you have Gundi to write and assist people! Always down to the point and simplifying major “stuff” is sooo helpful. I learned more about marketing from you in the last 3 month than in 10 years running an online business!
    Thank you!

  4. This came at such a great time for me! I love the line “Don’t be so serious all the time, seriously!” So funny!! For some reason that resonated with me, hmmmm Thanks for another informatiion filled, fun, and inspiring post!

  5. That is one of the best posts I have read in a long time – and made me laugh all the way through. Thank you for bringing such joy and fun into this and for the wonderful values to share. I’m definitely chill with “M” now….;-) – and she is delish for sure…:) – thanks so much again! – can’t wait to read more…

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