Dubai Day Trips: UAE East Coast & Mountains

DUBAI Day Trips: UAE East Coast & Mountains


What a different vision of this fascinating region!

A Dubai Day Trip to the beautiful UAE East Coast and the Emirate of Fujairah via stunning mountain scenery!

Here is a video of the whole trip:

A Dubai Day Trip through 4 Emirates

This Dubai Day Trip passes through 4 Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah – the latter being the only emirate along the East Coast. All others are on the West Coast.

This is the route we took….

Dubai Day Trips East Coast and mountains map

After a brief drive through Sharjah, we took the desert highway towards the mountains.


Friday Market in Masafi

First stop was Friday Market in Masafi – though it’s open every day, not just Friday…;-)

Not sure if it’s still used by locals, it felt more like a tourist market, but the fruits and veggies looked fresh and tasty and there were also carpets and locally crafted ceramics on display.

masafi Friday market

masafi Friday market
Day Trips from Dubai: masafi Friday market

Friday Market lies outside the city limits of Masafi which is best known for its drinking water desalination plant. Most water bottles in the UAE will be “Masafi Water” and we passed the big water plant along the way.

Masafi Water

Heading into the Mountains

Then we headed deeper into the mountains – and they were stunning!

Fujairah Mountain road

Rugged and barren and beautiful!

It is also from these mountains that rocks were harvested to provide the solid foundation for Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands.

Dubai Day Trip: Fujairah Mountain road

A beautiful mountain highway:

Fujairah Mountain road

And finally the northernmost town of Dibba with a beautiful mosque near the town’s square.

Dibba mosque

Five minutes later we saw the ocean – always my most favorite site – in this case, the Gulf of Oman, part of the Indian Ocean.

A dip in the Indian Ocean

We drove along the beach for a while and then stopped for a lunch at this lovely beach resort:

UAE East Coast beach resort

Fortunately, enough time had been planned into the itinerary to take a dip in the ocean and just enjoy the beauty around – a well chosen spot.

Indian Ocean/Gulf of Oman - Dubai Day Trip

The UAE East Coast has experienced a boom in recent years with beach resorts springing up everywhere and many UAE residents (including the many expats) choosing a “staycation” here rather than flying home.

It is truly beautiful out here – and quiet. A big contrast to the busy West Coast.

I would recommend scheduling this trip during the week as the weekends are a lot more crowded (weekends in the UAE are Friday and Saturday – not Sunday)

The oldest and smallest mosque in the UAE

Pleasantly replenished and rested, we continued down the coast to the oldest and smallest mosque in the UAE – Al Bidiya Mosque. This little gem….

Bidiya - oldest and smallest mosque of UAE

Bidiya - oldest and smallest mosque of UAE - Dubai Day Trips

The views from atop the hill were amazing.

Dubai Day Trips: Fujairah East Coast

Day Trips from Dubai: UAE East Coast

Then we continued down the coast, past a large number of oil storage facilities to the city of Fujairah.

Most of the oil produce in the UAE is transported here to be loaded onto ships to Asia, the East Coast being much easier and safer to reach than the West Coast which would require passage through a narrow strait into the Persian Gulf.

Fujairah oil storage facilities

We briefly stopped at a gas station, and I couldn’t resist taking a pic of the Arab McDonald’s version…;-)

mcdonalds in arabic

The Capital of Fujairah

The city of Fujairah, the emirate’s capital, rounded off this fascinating day with 2 beautiful landmarks:

Fujairah Fort, probably the oldest fort in the UAE with a rich history…..

Fort Fujairah - Dubai Day Trips - UAE East Coast & Mountainsai Day Trips

….and, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the second largest mosque in the UAE after the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi:

Fujairah Grand Mosque - Dubai Day Trips

Another magnificent example of Arab architecture and exquisite style.

This concluded our wonderful excursion to a very different world within the UAE, and another desert highway brought us back to Dubai.

Desert Highway back to Dubai from the UAE East Coast

A lovely day, well organized once again by Arabian Adventures, and well worth your time if you get the chance.

For more information or to book a trip with Arabian Adventures, please visit their website at – this is the direct link to their East Coast Tour


More Fun Activities in Dubai:

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DUBAI YACHT CRUISE – one of the most fun activities of my entire stay. Do not leave without doing a Yacht Cruise around Palm Jumeirah Island and the Marina Canal. I was fabulous!

DHOW DINNER CRUISE – its nightly counterpart – the fantastic light show of the nightly Marina from the comfort of a historic Dhow Boat

DUBAI DAY TRIPS: ABU DHABI – the other major city in the UAE, with a very different vibe….

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  1. Interesting article! I never looked far beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but definitely will now. The East Coast looks beautiful!

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