Digital Nomad



A digital nomad is one who relies on digital telecommunications and the internet to make a living. These people generally work remotely and tend to move around the world constantly, hence the name “nomad”. Abundance of Wi-Fi and broadband cellular networks in addition to the advent of cloud services have enabled this kind of worker to exist and work efficiently for an employer or individual clients. Many digital nomads choose Wi-Fi hotspots such as coffeehouses and libraries to primarily base their work. However, there are options for these nomads to rent office space, equipment, and printers if needed in many cities. The saturation of affordable wireless-capable electronic devices in the consumer electronics market has also enabled this type of career, providing nomads with easy and affordable ways of connecting with whomever they may be working for. The introduction of devices with built-in broadband capability have only further enabled the digital nomad. 

Working as a digital nomad comes with the advantage of a relatively low cost of living in foreign cities or even more affordable domestic cities. For example, a digital nomad working out of Las Vegas performing the same job as a resident in New York City would have less of a burden from the cost of living. The destination of a digital nomad is largely cost-driven, and while travelling is expected as a digital nomad, it is not a job requirement. Hiring a digital nomad can also be advantageous to the client or company, as they wouldn’t have to spend extra money relocating their employee or contractor, and could simply have them work from wherever they may be from. Some employers prefer hiring digital nomads due to their ability to develop a mature world view and experience different perspectives from the many places they work from. Since the modern day economy is so globalized, such employers prefer nomads who are able to traverse the world while working.

Some issues do arise from the life of a digital nomad. Health insurance policies for someone who travels so often and to so many places are difficult and expensive to secure. In addition to changing local laws each time the nomad worker travels to a different place, obtaining work visas can also be difficult. If the digital nomad has friends or family at home, they would have to maintain a long distance relationship with these people, which is difficult.


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