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You have a TALENT or PASSION, but don't know how to turn it into a BUSINESS?

You are STUCK in a JOB you hate, but don't know how to replace the INCOME?

You would LOVE to TRAVEL indefinitely, but don't know how to FINANCE it?

Then let me WELCOME you with this FREE BOOK on your PATH to FREEDOM:

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Gundi Gabrielle, CEO of SassyZenGirl Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Welcome to SassyZenGirl!

Great to have you! 

My name is Gundi Gabrielle and I have been an Internet Entrepreneur, #1 Bestselling Travel Writer and Digital Nomad for the past 3 years.

I absolutely love this lifestyle and the freedom and independence that come with it - and - would love to help you achieve the same if that's your dream.

I have travelled to more than 67 countries on 5 continents while running several online companies, incl. Kindle Publishing, SEO Consulting and this Travel Blog.

It's been a fantastic adventure and you can do the same!

Whether you want to travel indefinitely or achieve freedom at home, this site can help you get started:

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If you want to use your new found freedom to travel more, the TRAVEL section of this site will have many tips, destination guides and further inspiration.

Check it out:​