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Gundi Gabrielle aka SassyZenGirl with Cheetah Kiki in Namibia

Hi there! - my name is Gundi Gabrielle and I'm the Founder and CEO of SassyZenGirl Lifestyle.

I'm so happy to welcome you here and look forward to helping you get started with a Location Independent - "DIGITAL NOMAD" - Lifestyle, if that's your dream.

I have been living this way for the past 3 years and absolutely LOVE it!

Becoming a Digital Nomad has given me the freedom I had always longed for, even during a successful international music career.

The FREEDOM to go where I want, when I want. To stay in a place for a while and then move on when I feel like it - and without being dependent on a job or specific home location for my survival. 

SassyZenGirl started as a Travel Blog - and still features travel articles on a regular basis, especially on:

SassyZenGirl Digital Nomad Lifestyle in the Media

Over time, SassyZenGirl grew into something much bigger, a resource for fellow travellers and those wanting to become location independent, travelling the world as Digital Nomads.

With this in mind, I created a FREE Training Program that will get you started quickly and efficiently, without wasting months and years in dire financial circumstances and frustrations.

This Program covers everything from Digital Nomad Jobs / Travel Jobs to starting a Location Independent Digital Business that you can run from anywhere in the world - without prior knowledge or skills.

Including all the ins and outs of Online Marketing and Search Engine Ranking - don't worry it will be fun...;-)

SassyZenGirl Life Coaching can also help you to Get Unstuck!

To become the person you had always dreamed to be and to truly


while finding some Zen along the way....


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