Swakopmund, Namibia

NAMIBIA – Swakopmund, the Belle of the Sea…

Well..... if I didn't know better I could have sworn I somehow ended up in "Little Germany" on my way to the desert - because that's exactly what Swakopmund is.

Namibia used to be a German West Africa back in the day and the influence is still noticeable everywhere - though nowhere as strongly as in Swakopmund.

I had been fascinated by the unusual name ever since I first saw it as a little girl on the big world map in my room - and it's certainly worth a visit.

Swakopmund is probably the most picturesque and beautiful town in Namibia - and one of the nicest in Southern Africa. Beautifully nestled right along the Atlantic Ocean, a quaint seaside town with an abundance of luscious charm.

German street names, stores and restaurants everywhere - and even the famous cakes and pastries made it to this unusual little place in the form of local institution "Cafe Albert.

German pastries at Cafe Albert

Guess where I went for breakfast....;-)

The first impression of Swakopmund though is the ocean and beautiful waterfront.

Swakopmund waterfront

I started at the beach early in the morning and the fresh sea air was delicious.

It was early December, a national holiday weekend in Namibia, and the festivities had started with a big street fair amongst palm trees - quite a different Christmas scene than the Northern hemisphere....

Even the little ones took part with a drumming performance.

Swakopmund street fair, children drumming
Swakopmund, street fair, beautiful pictures
Swakopmund - city hall

I ventured deeper into "Little Germany" and couldn't believe that I was still in Africa.....

Swakopmund downtown
Swakopmund side street with Christmas tree
Swakopmund deutscher Friseur

In the early afternoon, I looped back to the ocean (usually my favorite place anywhere) and had lunch at this trendy restaurant right on the water - the legendary "Jetty".

Jetty Restaurand in Swakopmund, Namibia
Jetty Restauran in Swakopmund on the water
deliscious lunch at Jetty restaurant in Swakopmund

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the scenery and some window shopping, before getting ready for my big desert trip the next day - to the Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei...

On my way back to the hotel I saw this super cool vehicle & it's crazy Brit owners....;-) - They drove that thing all the way from Mombasa (Kenya) to Swakopmund! - what an amazing story.......

Apparently, the leopard coloring on the side tended to scare the animals in National Parks who saw it as one gigantic leopard.....;-)

Mack n' malarky Swakopmund, Namibia
Swakopmund, Desert Sky

I also met this young man, obviously a "Germany" fan - well, the German soccer team that is....;-) - His name was Pandeni and his favorite player is Andre Schürrle. Go "La Manschaft"!

Swakopmund is a lovely little town, definitely a must see in this unusual country and a refreshing oasis to recharge one's batteries after some rough touring in the bush or desert.

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  1. I loved our visit to Swakopmund! – very German, but cute….;-) – and so very different from the rest of Namibia…..

  2. I’ve been thinking about going to Namibia – and your posts definitely inspire me. Seems like an interesting country with amazing scenery.

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