Is the NYT Bestseller List a SCAM…?

So is the New York Times Bestseller list a Scam?

I dunno….

Not sure what to make of this…

I’m honestly still recovering from the shock of what I just heard.

Becoming an NYT Bestselling author has always been on my bucket list, but after reading this, I’m not sure if it’s really such great honour after all…

The most prestigious book bestseller list in the world not being a bestseller list at all? But rather a reflection of East Coast cronyism and the snobbism of a few editors?

It seems rather stone age and arrogant to refuse indie authors onto the list for the mere reason that they are Indie – and can’t be bought.

The freedom, power and financial independence authors have achieved through self-publishing is phenomenal and one of the great inventions of our time.

Why would the New York Times not support that awesome explosion of freedom?

Why still engage in this kind of Stone Age cronyism and East Coast snobbism, rather than being impartial and supporting the best, most innovative?

Once you know the facts of traditional publishing in this day and age, you would be crazy to sign away your rights in a book deal.

There is no longer an intelligent reason to go with traditional publishing, especially in non-fiction, and yet one of the most respected newspapers of our time still stubbornly sticks with an ancient status quo that is no longer relevant?

If someone as famous and highly respected as James Altucher can’t make the NYT Bestseller list even though he outsells 99% of books on there – what value and credibility does the NYT Bestseller List have left?

I certainly kicked it off my bucket list and so should every other self-respecting author.

Yes, it is still the most prestigious Bestseller list, but the prestige is built on a farce that the public is not aware of.


Maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture here, so feel free to enlighten me in the comments below.

Also engages in some really good practices like not allowing bulk buying and other spammy tactics – and I applaud that.

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