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Location Rebel

How to research winning Book ideas:

use time stamps 1:03-10:40:

Category Research:


Keyword Research:

KDP Rocket

SEO for Beginners:


Writing Software


Launch Promo Services:

List of 127+ Promo Services for Kindle Books

Free Promos:

James Mayfield


Books Butterfly


99 cents Promos:

Early Days (pick 1-2 per day)

*Awesome Gang


BKnight w/newsletter (Fiverr Gig)

Bookkitty (Fiverr Gig)





Middle Days (pick 1-2 per day)

increased sales (success depending on topic and also your title & cover)

* Book Runes

* Booksends

Digital Book Today

Book Gorilla



Free Books Hub

Fussy Librarian


Final Days (1 per day – very powerful promos)


Buckbooks (minimum 60 pages, professional cover, full description, 10 reviews)

Robin Reads (might not happen for your 1st launch, but great long term!)

FKTB (same as Robin Reads)

How to land great Guest Posts

Finding Reviewers


Amazon Top Reviewers

Author Marketing Club





Title & Subtitle

The A-B-C-D Formula for Irresistible Non-Fiction Book Titles

Derek Doepker’s comprehensive article

Four Strategies for Creating Titles that Jump Off the Page

from the master himself – Michael Hyatt

Headline Templates (not just for blogs, but also work great for books):


A Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Post Titles that go Viral

The Classic – a Must Read!

100+ Blog Post Title Templates that Grab Attention

More great Title templates

Words that Sell: The 10 Most Powerful Words In The English Language

Power Words

Portent’s Title Generator

Adazing Title Generator

Title Generators for Fiction Genres

Crafting effective Subtitles

Test Titles, Headlines with real Audiences

Cover Design

99 Designs


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Wageedah Ebrahim

Author Website

Blogging Beginners Guide Set up


Video – “Build a Blog or Website in 10 Minutes”:

HUGE Discount on Top rated Web Hosting Service

Landing Page

Thrive Architect

Video: Set up a free Landing Page (scroll down on the plugin page)

Here are the specifications for each according to KDP

Book Description

“Words that Sell” – The 10 most Powerful Words in the English Language”

Book Description Generator

List of HTML Tags allowed on KDP

Description Sample

Power Words

How to craft a great Author Central Page


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Amazon Ads

Audio Books

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