Youtube stands for much more than extravagant Youtube Stars or cute cat videos.

You can build a profitable Youtube business for any niche or interest.

You might have noticed how Youtube videos often show up in Google searches and having a noticable presence on this platform is highly recommended for any business.

In addition, Youtube offers numerous monetization options, from sponsorships, affiliate sales, crowdfunding to selling your own products.

Build a large following and the sky is the limit!

For those not comfortable in front of a camera: you can start with how-to videos while recording your screen.

If you are concerned about the technical challenges, partner with someone (or pay someone) who loves all the geeky stuff and let them do the filming, editing, etc., while you focus on content and marketing.

One of the most successful Youtube marketing channels is run by Tim Schmoyer. His videos are excellent and he recently released this amazing course that will show you how to turn Youtube into your career - no matter what your passions and talents are. 

If you ever even remotely considered Youtube as a platform, this is the path that can get you there. Give it a look:

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