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Blogging can become a lucrative business if you are able to build a large following.

It is not the fastest way to grow an income online - it is actually really hard work - but if you love to write and communicate with people in this way, then this can become a profitable business.

Whatever business you run online, whether product sales or freelancing, you will have a blog or your website to consistently provide fresh content for SEO purposes (see below) and to connect with your customers/followers.

Learning how to write for blogging is crucial. It's a very different style from writing a novel or what you learned in college. In addition, you need to do a lot of market research, both to find a profitable niche and for continued content selection.

This course by one of the most famous bloggers in the world with multiple 7 figure blogs teaches you all that and even helps you land guest blogging opportunities with top publications like the Huffington Post, Forbes or Goodlife Zen. which all can jump start your blogging career and following.

If you want to turn blogging into a profitable career, this course is a must!

How to start a successful Blog?

For the technical set up of a website, check out this little book. It will make it super easy and guide you through process Step by Step - no tech skills required!

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Starting a Blog WordPress

How to make money as a Blogger?

Well, initially, you don't, and it will very much depend on how quickly you can grow a following, whether you ever will.

Most blogs are "ghost towns" - lots of information, but no visitors. If you want to be successful as a blogger, you need to learn SEO - and from the start!

That's how you rank in Google => how people can find your blog organically, e.g. through Google searches. Understanding SEO will change how you structure and write your posts - even the headlines. If you put this off for later, you will waste precious time and will then have to correct everything later.

While SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") can be a rather tedious topic in the beginning, this little book will make it easy to understand and get you started with the basics - incl. SEO optimization of your posts and website. Click on the image below and get it for less than a buck:

One of the main ways for bloggers to generate an income, is Affiliate Marketing. Learn this well and you will create a consistent stream of income from the start. Like I said, blogging is hard work and you don't get paid at all in the beginning, not even for guest blogging. If you still want to make money, even as a newbie blogger, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

This course by my friend Julia Rosa, a stay at home mom turned internet entrepreneur, will teach you all you need to know - at a fraction of what other courses will charge. The button below will even give you off 10% off the regular price. Just enter TENOFF at check out:

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