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Many dream of becoming a professional photographer, but only a few ever make a full time income from it.

​One of the keys for success is to specialize. Find a sub niche that you can become the top authority in - the go-to person that everyone recommends, rather than broadly offering "everything".

Try to form long term partnerships with other professionals, businesses and organizations in that sub niche to build up a steady stream of repeat engagements. Always ask for referrals.

Build an Online Presence

In addition to your local marketing efforts, try to establish a powerful online presence.

Write photography Kindle books, create online courses and/or run a photography Youtube Channel. All to leverage the enormous reach of the internet for maximum benefit.

If you want to work locally, you need to learn local SEO and rank your website for your sub niche. This little book teaches you the basics and also a few simple (inexpensive) techniques to do just that:

Other ways to monetize your photography skills include:

- Create and sell Calendars with your photos

- Create and sell Greeting Cards with your photos

- Create and sell Merchandise with your photos

- Sell your photos online. Only lucrative in large numbers, but a nice additional side income and way to share your work with an international audience.

Typcial sites are: Iphoto and Shutterstock. See a more in-depth list here.

- Instagram or Pinterest business:

If you can generate a large following on either, magazines and publishers will start taking notice and offer you gigs. Plus you can market to your audience (photos/videos, calendars, greeting cards, merchandise with your photos etc.)

This course teaches you how to market yourself on Pinterest for maximum profits:

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