Online Teaching


​Online teaching can be a great start into a freelancing business, which you can later extend to how-to Kindle books and online course creation.

For general topics, you can list yourself on this site:​

or general sites like Craigslist and Gumtree.

Teaching English

Online language teaching - in particular, English - has become a big industry. Here are a number of sites where you can list yourself and book classes:​

- ITalki - all languages

- Skype English Classes - English & Spanish

- Tutor ABC

- VIP Kid

- ESL Jobs Worldwide

- Verbling - all languages

- Kuku Speak

- Myngle - Business English

Most programs will require you to show an ESL Certificate with a minimum of 120 hours, so it is worthwhile to invest in that.

You can complete the ESL/TESL course online in your own time - one excellent provider is:

I-to-I ESL/ TESL Course

Once you have your ESL Certificate, you can either join one of the above online language schools or advertise your services on sites like:


You will make a lot more money on your own, but you will also have to put in a lot more effort (and possibly advertising expenses) to attract clients.

Initially, joining an online school is a good starting point while gradually building your private tutoring business.

Online language schools hire people from all over the world on a freelance basis. Many have their own course program that you can simply follow, and they will train you in their specific method and often pay you for participating in the training.

Once you are accepted and have completed the training, you can start booking sessions online according to your schedule and time zone. Since clients come from all around the world, teachers are needed 24/7, so wherever you are in the world, there will be a slot that needs filling.

Pay can vary greatly and is usually a combination of base pay (based on your experience, background & test session), and bonuses. Regular review and pay raises are customary.

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