Become a Consultant


Whatever your expertise or professional background, you can usually turn it into a thriving consulting business.

Much more freedom - and usually more income - than providing that same expertise in a job with strict hours and limited pay - and being tied to an office all day.

Many companies prefer to hire outside consultants on a per project basis, rather than long term employees, and if you can establish yourself as an authority in your field, this can become a great option for you - also in combination with other business blueprints, like Kindle publishing, course creation, etc.

You could crush it as a:

- ​Business Consultant

- Marketing Consultant

- HR Consultant

- Social Media Consultant

- SEO Consultant

- Leadership Consultant

- Project Management Consultant

- Productivity & Time Management Consultant

- Finance​ Consultant

and many more....​

​Find a sub niche that you can become the top authority in - the go-to person that everyone recommends, rather than broadly offering "everything".

Write a book on the topic, create a course and build a whole brand around yourself.

Once again, marketing is key here, and this course will help you get set up - and also cover contracts, fees, and much more:​

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