FREEDOM Business Blueprints

Below you'll find 15 Business Blueprints covering a wide range of genres and niches. No matter, what your interests and talents, there will be something for you!

If you are a Mom, be sure to check out the Mamapreneur community at the bottom - and there is also one for Digital Nomads....​

Have fun with this...;-)

Disclaimer: The following are solid business options - not - get-rich-quick schemes. Building a business is hard work and requires determination and the learning of new skills. For some people success comes quickly and they are able to quit their jobs within just a few months. For others, it can take a year or two. Steady does it! If you take the time to solidly build a new income stream that can support you for years to come - while also allowing for the occasional mistakes we all make along the way - you have a great chance of achieving long term success and freedom.

Please note, I spent considerable time researching different course options that can help you get started in the various business options. I only recommend products I have tested myself and can recommend full heartedly. In some cases I receive a small affiliate commission that helps keeping this site free for everyone. I hope they will be helpful to you!

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