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"The best of several Kindle Publishing type books I've read. Very complete with suggestions for software programs to help with choosing keywords and managing promotions and more. Links to companies offering editing and proofreading, cover designs, audio, print versions. Worth reading several times to understand the intricacies of Kindle Publishing."

"This was a very helpful book. Some things I already knew but the knowledge I gained on things I didn't was worth every penny I spent. I have already downloaded the rest of the books and will be looking forward to reading them. Thank you."​

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"This book is just brilliant! Brimful of information, hints & tips to make Social Media Marketing as easy as 1-2-3. I especially enjoyed the chapter on Instagram as this is a platform I use daily. A must read for anyone seriously considering moving ahead with their Social Media Marketing!"

"Social Media Marketing When You Have No Clue" covers YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and P interest. The book covers the basics of how to get started on each platform from creating profiles to how to use each platform efficiently. I am not a total beginner but I did not know a lot of short cuts before reading this book. I found information on scheduling and management tools very useful."