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Use This Sneaky Trick to Get Rental Cars for FREE - Anywhere!!

I LOVE road trips, so this little trick was a huge discovery for me and has saved me thousands of dollars already - I hope it will do the same for you!

What is this simple trick?

Well - it's called “Rental Car Relocation”.

free rental car

Rental car companies often need cars moved to a different city and instead of having a staff member do it, they “engage” regular travellers who either get the rental completely for free - and often even with Collision Damage Waiver and a Gas/Petrol

Allowance included - at other times for a small fee, like $1/day.

You can even get RVs/caravans that way which is even more awesome, because you also save on accommodation!

With RVs there is occasionally a $5/day fee, which is still minimal compared to the regular cost and once again insurance and a gas allowance are often included.

You have a certain amount of days to get from A to B and you can purchase additional days if needed (those are more expensive, but still overall very cheap when you get everything else for free or at low cost).

budget travel - free rental cars

One word of caution: with RVs there is often a $1000 bond which is returned to your credit card at the end, but always double check beforehand and make sure you have enough funds available on your card.

Most countries with regular rental car companies will have this option and to find them you simply Google “Rental Car Relocation” plus your country of choice.

That’s it!

I recently travelled like this way all over Australia - and saved several thousand Dollars, because drop-off charges to a different location are usually super expensive, sometimes over $1000, and they never include insurance or a gas allowance.

Give it a try….