How to Start a Blog or Website

Wanna Start a Blog....?

Whether you are starting a business, start as a freelancer - or just have something amazing to share - you will need a website, or at the very least a blog.

Fortunately, both are super easy ​to set up - even if you have absolutely NO CLUE! - and are not a tech person.

Wanna find out more?

Then check out this video - and you will see how even a total beginner, yes, YOU, can see this up in no time:​

RESOURCES mentioned in this Video:

​Domain Name Registration: NAME CHEAP

Web Hosting: InMotion

Professional Website/Blog Set Up​

In addition, this little book has already helped thousands of wannabe bloggers turn their dream into reality without paying for expensive designers. Most told me that while they saw it as a daunting task in the beginning, it turned out to be really fun and a wonderful creative expression.

How to start a Blog for Beginners

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