Helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta in Botswana - dry Season

BOTSWANA – House Sitting by the Okavango Delta: Dog Walking with Crocodiles…




I came to the Okavango Delta more by coincidence….

While road tripping all over South Africa, I received an offer for a house sit in Maun, the little gateway town into the Okavango.

Helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta in Botswana - dry Season

Of course, this was too tempting to decline, and so I found myself 2 weeks later in this dusty bush town of mostly expats and tourists – my 3rd African house sit!

It was February and that meant dry season – in fact, the absolute height of dry season, meaning there was not much water in the Delta.

February was the one month of the year with barely any tourists and most of the tour companies were shut down.

Dog Walking with Crocodiles

The house sit was nice – in a compound right by the river…

Maun Okavango Delta

Maun Okavango Delta

Keep in mind, this is Africa and rivers usually contain crocodiles – no different here.

Dog walking therefore was a bit more challenging as dogs get frequently eaten by crocs when they get too close to the water or even jump in.

We managed fine and the walkway was far enough from the water to not be of danger to humans – at least I hoped so…;-)

Beautiful scenery at any time of day.

Maun Okavango Delta

Maun Okavango Delta

Maun Okavango Delta

Helicopter Horizsons Maun Okavango Delta

Mokoro tours were not available unless you were a larger group – those narrow, long, wooden boats the natives use to move through the Delta – a very popular tourist attraction. THE thing to do when you are in the Delta!

But helicopter tours still went out occasionally and Helicopter Horizons took me along on a flight to the Mokoro village where they were meeting a group of backpackers for a scenic flight.

I was excited!

A Helicopter Ride over the (dry) Delta

This was our ride…

with Andrew, the owner, as pilot.

And off we went…..

The Okavango looked a little different from what I had expected. Not surprising given that the big floods hadn’t come in yet, but still absolutely beautiful and wondrous. I’ll let the pictures speak…

Helicopter Horizsons Maun Okavango Delta

Helicopter Horizsons Maun Okavango Delta

Helicopter Horizsons Maun Okavango Delta

Helicopter Horizsons Maun Okavango Delta

and here we are approaching the Mokoro village…

An awesome adventure – I always love helicopters….;-) – but I definitely want to return and see the Delta in its full glory. Next time I will do a horse safari. Those are quite popular here (except in February…;-) and a really unusual way to explore this region.

Helicopter Horizons are the only helicopter outfit in the Delta and you can book a flight with them here – Do NOT miss out on this – it is SO much better than a plane ride, because a helicopter can fly right above the water and go much lower. – THAT’s the way to see the delta and Helicopter Horizons are AWESOME!

NEXT: On to Kasane and the Chobe National Park and River…..

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  1. I never realized that the Okavango isn’t always full – totally interesting!. better make sure to travel at the right time…..

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