5 Steps to Turbo Charge your Book Sales with Facebook & LinkedIn Groups (and how not to mess it up…)

Social Media have become a dominating force in our lives over the past decade. 

Just look at these mind-blowing statistics:

  • The average person has 5 social media accounts
  • The average person spends 1 hour 40 minutes per day on social media
  • Facebook has over 1.4 billion users
  • 50% of all Internet users are on Facebook
  • Linked-In has 347 million registered users

Wow, what a potential reach! 

How do you harness that power?  Where do you start?

Connecting with your audience through social media is all about networking.

If done correctly, it can massively turbo charge your book sales!

I know what you are thinking…

You don’t want to constantly promote your books and services to your friends!  Everyone is tired of seeing their friends’ side hustle show up in their newsfeed!

I hear you…

But you don’t have to!

Let’s leverage social media in a different way and take a closer look at each.

Leveraging Facebook Groups

Facebook connects everyone on the planet through a social media spiderweb. 

Who hasn’t enjoyed finding a long-lost classmate or high-school sweetheart that got away? 

Did you know you can also find readers interested in your unique genre?

While writing my book, Servant Leadership Roadmap, I joined several focused Facebook Groups. 

The information I learned was priceless! 

It was a new way of researching: I uncovered genuine concerns, joys and endeavors shared among members.  I gained a deeper understanding of my genre.

I took time to research the groups and catch up on past postings.

Over time, I added value by posting and providing my unique experiences.  I gave advice to posted questions and acknowledged concerns.  I supported my new tribe through our virtual community.

Then, something unexpected happened…

Members started to share my book!

That’s right! 

Without my asking, group members started to share my book.  It went global!

Servant Leadership Roadmap was shared in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Ghana and all over the USA. 

All without my asking! 


This can happen to you also!

LinkedIn Groups as Sales Machines

LinkedIn can be another powerful ally to boost your book sales.  I think of it as “Facebook for my career”. 

You can connect with experts in your niche and often your newfound peers will help jump start your success.

LinkedIn works best for nonfiction or business related subjects.   You can also connect with other authors.  Just search for them in the group section!

It’s a hidden opportunity!

I applied the same social media strategy on Linked In:

  1. Find your Focus Group
  2. Add value through meaningful interactions
  3. Build rapport

As a result, several industry leaders shared my book with their audience.  Three even contacted me to let me know that Servant Leadership Roadmap would from now on be part of their employee onboarding process!


And you can do this, too!

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is geared towards business professions.  You will need a polished profile to succeed and be taken seriously on this platform.

Learn how to create a polished profile here!

5 Steps to Turbo Charging your Book Sales

Now let’s look at the 5-step process that can help you maximize the awesome marketing & networking power of these two platforms:

#1 – Give More than you Receive

Find relevant groups in your genre and connect with members.  Interact and reply to posts.  Keep in mind, this is a two-way street.

People must feel valued and see a benefit in connecting with you.  Be present and focus on providing value to the group.  Take a moment and connect with your peers.

#2 – Do your Research

Consider approval into any group a privilege.  That’s right!  It’s an honor!  The cool kids are willing to play with you!  Be respectful and do your research:

Take time to read through posts, check out links and identify the main players.

You will quickly lose credibility if you post a question that was answered just a few posts back.

This research can be a fun way to learn about the dynamics of the group as well as uncover some hidden jewels among the postings!

#3 – Seek Common Ground

While you complete your due diligence, seek common ground with other members.  What do they like, or not like?  What is the culture of the group?

There is no short cut here! 

Find common ground and connect.

#4 – Don’t be Spammy

I cannot stress this enough!  The fastest way to lose credibility and possibly get yourself booted, is by starting off pitching your products and services.

When was the last time you received a telemarketer call?  Or had someone contact you about their current side hustle?  Did you dodge the call or avoid the friend? 

Same in the groups.

This is the wrong foot to start on and will achieve the opposite.

#5 – Diversify

Actively seek out people with a different background or culture than yours. 


Because diversity will open your eyes to different view points and experiences. A fresh set of eyes vs. the same-old, same-old.

That way, you are building a strong, well-rounded network that can become a powerful launching pad for your current and future launches – and turbo charge your book sales and brand reach beyond anything you ever thought possible.

Leverage the power of Facebook and LinkedIn groups and turbo charge your sales!

Cara Bramlett, MS, PA-C, is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Leading with the Clinical Mind” and “Servant Leadership Roadmap” She also serves as Clinical Program Director for a large healthcare organization and continues to practice weekly in a primary care setting. Cara is passionate about ensuring each Advanced Care Provider (NP,PA) recognizes his or her dream of achieving leadership.
Cara enjoys spending time with her 5 kids and 2 grandkids. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, riding motorcycles, and playing golf.

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  1. Excellent and valuable information! Thank you for sharing! I agree with the giving part! I’d like to find ways to add value in social networking without getting sucked in and then not taking my action steps for the day. Any suggestions besides setting a timer? I think there is so much value in social media but I enjoy it so much that I don’t do the things I’m supposed to for the day. I want the best of both worlds

  2. I love the detail in the five steps. It can be stressful when learning to network appropriately online. I agree, its nice to see a new member of a group contribute to others before asking for something. That way I know they are sticking around. Great advise! Thank you!

  3. Here books have been very helpful. I am considering her paid coarse in the future. She has many top sellers she has coached. This is just were I need to spend my money not for ones with others that have no proven success just a bunch of opinions to go of

  4. Awesome article, Cara. I didn’t think of using LinkedIn as a potential platform to market my book. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights into this!

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