BALI Day Trips: Ubud to Kintamani


I’m not a shopper, so as an example, lets good at one crafts shop in the village of Kemenuh:

Artist Villages around Ubud:

Kemenuh, the Woodworkers

beautiful property

Artist Villages near Ubud

wood carvers at work – family business through generations

local school near ubud

Beautiful wood carvings:

wood figures near Ubud

wood figures near Ubud


Tegenungan Waterfall

A lovely waterfall. Not particularly big and we fortunately arrived before the tourist crowds (do artist villages in the end….)

Tegenungan Waterfalla

Tegenungan Waterfalla near Ubud


Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Quite beautiful, luscious green, hawkers

Bali Day Drips

tegalalang rice terrace

Lovely cafe – and what a view…..

rice terrace with restaurant


A lovely Water Temple – Gunune Kawi Sebatu

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

gunune kawi sebatu

temple lake with gold fish

temple lake in Bali

temple lake with statue

gunune kawi sebatu

lovely balinese temple near ubud

Badminton court in temple

rooster in temple

bali temple

temple lake

bali walk green

lovely balinese temple near ubud

bali walk


A Visit to a Coffee Plantation


Coffee Plantation near Kintamani

coffee leaves Bali

coffee beans

Balinese Marima

ground coffee at plantation near Kintamani

Bali Day Trips - coffee plantation

Bali Day Trips - coffee plantation on fire

Lush Greens near Kintamani

Coffee and Tea free tasting at plantation

Coffee and Tea free tasting at plantation

Animal Cruelty and the  Cat Poo Cino (Luwak Coffee)

stay away……LINK TO

Civets for coffee

Cat Poo Cino

I love cat poo cino

Kintamani Volcano Lake

Final culmination – gloomy and windy / stormy. Lunch

Kintamani Volcano Lake Bali

Kintamani Volcano Bali

Truyan – trip advisor – Bali Aga

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