I LOVE to travel! It's one of my three great passions in life - the other two being movies and cats....;-)

I especially love road tripping through beautiful nature and travelling to remote places. I call this way of travelling "Zen Travel". The quiet, serenity and solitude - getting away from it all....

If Zen Travel appeals to you, then I'd love to share some wonderful adventures and remote spots with you. Are you ready?​

#1 Bestselling ZEN TRAVELLER Series:

Travel Guides with a special focus on Zen Travel - remote, quiet Locations and Road Trips:

Bali Travel Guide

Explore the quiet parts of this beautiful island, away from the tourist crowds in the South. The "real"  - magical - BALI that most people never get to see...

Get your copy HERE.

ZEN Road Trips - SassyZenGirl

Coming Soon:

Zen Traveller ANDALUSIA (Spain)

Zen Traveller NEW ZEALAND

Zen Traveller SOUTH AFRICA

​Special Travel Experiences:

Explore Boutique - and very unusual - Luxury Travel experiences, ZEN Road Trips and/or Wildlife experiences:


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